Biotecnology and Pharmaceutical Industry in Canary Islands

Strategic points

  • Consolidation of the cluster. BIOTIFARM brings together a wide variety of companies present in the Canary Islands and aims to group more firms or institutions, thus maintaining its hegemony as the cluster of reference in the region.  It also maintains relationships and synergies and promotes networking with other national and/or international clusters
  • Internacionalization of the cluster BIOTIFARM encourages the participation of local businesses in international fairs and conferences in biotechnology and pharmaceutal sectors to thus access international strategic markets, and also fosters the development of world events in the Canary Islands in order to attract the interest of the sector in the region and their development potential.
  • Development of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in the Canary Islands BIOTIFARM promotes the development of new biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries in the Canaries, thus placing value on the high qualifications and experience of scientists generated at the two Canarian Universities, betting also on knowledge transfer as a priority for the development of this type of industries.  Together with estimulating the opportinuties offer by the large, mostly unexplored, biodiversity of the Canary Islands, as well as the various fiscal policies available in the region, such as the ZEC (Canary Islands Special Zone), and other tax incentives.

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Partial Joint Financing
Agencia Canaria de Investigación, Innovación y Sociedad de la Información FEDER
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